The Swedish School System - A Primer

The Swedish School System

The Swedish school system consists of many different services and forms of education, but a brief overview is given below. 

Preschool - Preschool (förskola), also called day care or dagis in Swedish, allows you as a parent to work during the day while providing a safe and stimulating environment for your Child (1 - 6 years old). Your child can be at preschool from 6:30 to 18:30 every weekday except certain public holidays. There are also night open preschools.

Fees are based on your household income as well as the number of children you currently have enrolled. The maximum monthly cost for your first child is SEK 1313 (0- 2 years old) SEK 875 (3 -5 years old); a successively lower cost then applies per additional child. Every child is guaranteed a place in a preschool after turning 1, subject to certain regulations.

Note, the preschools do not accept children who do not have a Swedish personal number. To receive a personal number you will have to reside in Sweden for at least one year and be registered in Folkbokföringen. If the children are not registered, the preschools will not get the grant from the City and thus will not get cover for the costs. When you apply to the preschool, you can write that you will send them the child's personal number as soon as you have been registered.

If your stay in Sweden will be less than one year, your child is not entitled to the preschool. 

Open preschool in Gothenburg
The open preschool (öppna förskolan) is for children from 0 to 6 years accompanied with their parents. Here, the child can meet and play with other children while parents can meet other adults. Trained preschool teachers are responsible for the planning of activities. It is free to visit the open preschool and you do not register in advance 

Preschool class - Preschool classes (förskoleklass) are a voluntary form of school for Children from the age of 5 or 6. All children must be offered a place in a preschool class from the autumn term in the year when they reach 6 years of age until they start compulsory school. 

School-age childcare - (Fritidshem or "fritids") Municipalities are obliged to offer out-of-school centres and other educational care to schoolchildren up to and including the spring semester the year they turn 13 years old. Fees are based on your household income as well as the number of children you currently have enrolled. The maximum monthly cost for your first child is SEK 875. 

Compulsory school education - (Grundskola) In Sweden all children aged between 7 and 16 years have to go to school. The school start is flexible in the sense that a child may start as a 6, 7 or 8-year old. The compulsory school consists of 9 school years and is free of charge. 

Upper secondary education - (Gymnasieskola) All young people in Sweden who have completed compulsory school are entitled to a three-year upper secondary school education. Upper secondary education provides basic knowledge for further studies and for a future working life. Each student chooses between different types of programmes, 18 as of now.


Below is a list of international pre-schools and schools in and around Gothenburg:

International Preschools

ABC All About Children Preschool 
 English language preschool located in Linnestaden. Swedish National Curriculum (Lpfö 98/2010) and the HighScope Approach is taught here.
Phone +46 (0)31 125891

Creative Kids Preschool
English and Swedish speaking preschool located in Kungsladugård and Majorna. It follows Swedish Curriculum for Preschool (lpfö98/2010) and teaches children between 1-5 years old. 
Phone +46 31 (0)735 345560

The English School
A Swedish independent school (‘friskola’) following the Swedish law and curriculum. Located in Västra Frölunda. For ages 3 - 16.  
Phone +46 (0)31 7127550

The French School
Franska Skolan is a private school that follows the Swedish curriculum, but has a double profile. All students study French at different levels. For children 1 - 5 years old. Located in Landala. 
Phone +46 (0)31 165482

Gothenburgs Preschool 
A Swedish preschool in English, following the Swedish National Educational Guidelines for preschools (Lpfö98) Located in Majorna. For ages 1 - 5 years old
Phone +46 (0)31 121311

Happy Kids Education
Happy Kids’ preschools are bilingual where the children follow the Swedish Curriculum in both English and Swedish. Is is location in Kållered and Kungsbacka. It also has open preschool days, nanny nights at evenings and English language groups for 6 - 9 years old. 
Phone +46 (0)31 7954550 Kållered, +46 (0)300 - 128 28 Kungsbacka

The International Preschool
Follows the Swedish Curriculum for preschool (LPfö98/2010) Primary languages are English and Swedish but others might also be taught. Located in Majorna, Guldheden, Älvsborg and Biskopsgården. 
Phone +46 (0)31 140221

Just like hemma
A bilingual (English and Swedish) preschool located in guldheden, following the Swedish national educational agency's guidelines for preschools (LPFÖ98/10)
Phone +46 (0)70 9163 534

Schools for kids above 5 :


International Schools

The International School of the Gothenburg Region (ISGR) 
Offers education for children fin English from the age of 5 years old (PYP0 or Kindergarten) to grade 9. Located in Götaberg and Guldheden.
Phone +46 (0)31 7089200 

The International High School of the Gothenburg Region (IHGR) 
Offers high school education grades 10-12 with three different profiles. 
located in Götaberg. 
Phone +46 (0)31 3672900 

Bilingual schools

The English School 
Swedish independent school (friskola) following the Swedish law and curriculum. Located in Västra Frölunda. 
Phone +46 (0)31 7127550 

IES Internationella Engelska Skolan(the International English School). 50% of classes are taught in English and 50% in Swedish. The school operates in two different areas: Krokslätt grade 3 -6, Johanneberg grade 7-9. 
Phone +46 31 381 8503 (Krokslätt)
Phone +46 31 381 8509 (Johanneberg)

International baccalaureate program in English

(IB) is a international educational foundation that offers four programmes of international education. Schools must be authorized, by the IB organization, to offer any of the programmes.

Aranäs High School in Kungsbacka. IB-programme
Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg. IB-programme
The International High School of the Gothenburg Region, IHGR

National Boarding Schools in Sweden

The Sigtuna School 
Programmes in Swedish and English. English programmes: IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), upper secondary education (Business Management & Economics, Natural Science or IB diploma) and summer school.  
Programmes in Swedish and English. English programme is the IB .

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